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Stake Cardano ADA with TotalReturn-Staking Pool.

Bonus-Lottery every epoch 100 ADA win.

Pool Status

ROA: ...

ROA Lifeime: ...

Luck: ...

Blocks: ...

Delegators: ...

Stake Size: ...

Pool Details

Name: TotalReturn-Staking

Ticker: TRT

Pool ID: aef7d5...d5a66f

Margin: 1%

Return: maximal

Pool Explorer

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Use the pool ticker "TRT" to find the pool in the delegation list of your wallet. Click delegate.

The minimum requirement for staking is 10 ADA. Please note that an additional 2 ADA deposit and ~0.17 tx fee are also required when delegating for the first time.

For any change in delegation, the rewards are reflected after 4 epoch transitions (15-20 days). For example, if you staked in epoch X, your first reward will show up at the start of X+4. After the initial wait time, you can expect to receive rewards at the end of every epoch (5 days).

After you have delegated your stake to a particular stake pool, the rewards you earn are automatically staked to the pool as part of your delegation. This goes true for any new funds received from the wallet as well. Any balance change in the wallet will be automatically captured as part of the snapshot and incur updated rewards after 15-20 days.

Delegate your wallet to TotalReturn-Staking pool. After your stake is active (15-20 days) your wallet will participate automatically.

The minimum stake size for the participation of bonus program is 1000 ADA. You can also participate with lower stake 100-999 ADA, but the bonus will be 10% of the original win. That's preventing multiple account using.

If your wallet has won a bonus draw the win will be send to your wallet address.